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Matterhorn BV60 & 20 Head

Twin channel 20 & 60 watt hand-wired, custom built guitar amplifiers, with separate low and high gain foot switchable channels.
Each channel has its own master volume and gain control enabling individual setting to be selected.
The BV20 is fitted with 6V6 output valves.
The BV60 comes fitted with 6L6 output valves, KT66 or EL34 valves can fitted as an option.

BV20 - £1430.00
BV60 - £1450.00                  NB - Head Only

Available in Combo style
                                                                                MatterhornCR60M Reverb Combo

USA style classic single channel 1 x12 amplifier, hand wired and built here in Derbyshire.
Wonderful clean tones running into a smooth overdrive.
Control layout includes Volume, 3 band EQ, Reverb, Master Volume and Presence allowing the user to dial in there own tone, gain and overall volume levels, making ideal for use from bedroom to gigging
Available with valve or solid state rectification.
Totally built by myself as with all other Matterhorn Amplifiers, using the finest guitar amplifier components available.
Fully welded 2mm stainless steel chassis, 18mm birch ply cabinet and FR4 eyelet-ed circuit board .
Comes fitted with Celestion V30 speaker, although can be fitted with customer specified unit at any additional cost.

Price £1650.00

Matterhorn CR60 Reverb

Classic single channel hand wired and built 60 watt guitar amplifier, with onboard reverb.
No fuss no frills just great clean tone and definition, running into smooth overdrive when pushed.

Price £1450.00                                                       NB - Head only

Matterhorn CR4 Combo

Classic 4 watt hand wired and built single ended Class A 'practice amplifier'.
Smooth singing single ended tone.
Fitted with 10-inch Celestion G10N although an 8-inch or 12-inch of preferred make and model can be specified with price adjustment.
Choice of cab styles available.
Price £625.00
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